Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A glimpse of my garden

I love to see how a tiny sapling blooms into a flower and i love to see greenery and colors around.  I have a small garden and I try to add more plants every months, I started off with 2 and today i have close to 20 now...Wow.

i painted the flower planters with yellow color, and wrote the name of the flower on them!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


There is one thing that I make sure to do on weekends besides my art and craft thing...I make sure to buy fresh flowers for my home and I like the buy different sort every time!!!

Last weekend I brought my favorite chrysanthemum as well...


Sunday, January 27, 2013


Well I also started knitting early this month...I don't know why but I had been to crossword and accidentally happened to see this amazing book on "knitting" so I bought it and now am actually starting to love it...though it will take  a long time to actually build my speed...

To begin with, I am making a runner...

This was my progress in 1st week

2nd week

Being a wife!!!

I am married now for nearly 2 years now but I have known Akash (my husband) for almost 8 years !!!

He is such a wonderful man... Actually I always feel like I am around My Best buddy when he is around, "He brings out the best in me" and I love him so much!!!

Trip to Delhi Haat

That's my Husband..

Beautiful display of hand bags

I got my hair braided!!

Last weekend we decided to enjoy the winter sunshine...we had been to delhi haat.

Weeknd project

I work for 5 days a week and when i get home i am almost dead tired but on weekends i am full of energy and i love to do so many things at home, i like making simple yet chic stuff at home.

This weekend I made dining chair seat covers!!

and now I am eagerly waiting again for next weekend to make stuff :-)
Done with painting, now it's time to give it a finish, for that I got these silk ribbons!!!

I made small holes at the corner for passing these ribbons so that i can tie these covers

To add more color, i chose blue ribbons!!!

Finally!!! here is my hand crafted dining chair seat cover!!! and I am feel so good!!! though i know I need more finish in my work but I am happy :-)