Sunday, March 31, 2013

Holi trip!!

First of all let me tell you that I missed blogging  a lot!!! I couldn't blog for almost 2 weeks, firstly because we were planning a trip to Akash's hometown and secondly as we were finally there... it was a fun trip, mixed bag of emotions, he was meeting his parents after 8 months!!! we spent 5 days there and I enjoyed a lot, clicked lot of  pictures as well, I found few of the stuff that i had given Akash when we were studying, little things that i used to make and gift him to tell him that i love him...hahaha that was so funny...well that's what innocence is all about...We also found a treasure of "Archies comics" in an old wooden trunk...!!! 

May seem to be an overload of pics but I just couldn't help myself from uploading them all !!! please bear with me :)

This pink rose in the garden seemed to be so inviting!!

View from the roof top

Akash's Mom

Holi splash

I really loved this spiral staircase

White rose at its best

Honey bee oblivious of my presence

Akash trying to ride an old model scooter, here and in few of the pictures below!!

This is an amazing bulb, amazing because its huge!!

Trying to capture sunshine :)

My favorite place in the house

Grape vine

A tiny yellow bloom

Archies comics which we found in attic

A tiny cup which I had gifted Akash

I really like this one :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Swan Effect!!!

Today I was reading something and I came across a word "Swan effect", It just got stuck in my head...Swan effect, swan effect, swan effect...what is this Swan effect...I finally goggled it, it said "on the surface you see a swan moving gracefully through the water, but underneath there is a whole lot of paddling going on" wow...what an analogy...beautiful. 

you really have to be like a swan, so elegant, so graceful, sailing through so beautiful that who ever sees it, sees beauty, perfection, and elegance but at the same time you have to work hard,put an effort, bring discipline in your life....what ever you do, do it gracefully, stay calm and look elegant.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lets draw!!!

Hmm....yes its nudging me again...calling me to pick up the canvas, colors, pencils and start painting my had gone somewhere long ago but I knew it will come come again and that's why I never held it too close, I let it choose....I was right, it needed its space and time alone to think about certain now i know in coming days I will be drawing a lot :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Life lately...

Phew......Last 2 weekends spent were lot of hustle and bustle, work, work, work , and worries!!!

Office, home, hospitals....yes that's what I did!!! my parents are  here, my Dad had to undergo an Intervention for liver cyst!!! Thankfully all went well....Dad is back home now all well and in pink of his health. I met my parents nearly after 8 months!!!

Oh yes!!! I am dead tired, You don't know how much I would love to go to some far off place like "Anandam in Himalayas" and spend few days there in the lap of nature, pampering myself with spa treatments!!!! Umm..If only I could do it!!! Oh gosh!!! And plus I hate Monday mornings when I have to get up at 6:30 AM and get dressed for office....half of the day is spent in sulking....So Now I am ending this Moody Monday with a cup of freshly brewed Tulsi Rose Tea :) ..Bye Bye Monday for next few days...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I don't know how many of you do that but I do believe in Omens! Other day I had been to Delhi Haat with my Parents and Akash, I happen to pass through this Souvenir gift shop  were i saw this hour glass, It was love at first sight and I was determined to buy it no matter what, I got it for 200 Rs. Next day I was in a book shop and of all the books, this "The Time keeper" caught my eye and I got it as well.  What I read on the back cover of the book, sort of caused a Déjà vu, it read "Man alone measures time, man alone chimes the hour and because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures, a fear of time running out"..So true.. human truth it is.

What I read subsequently made me think "why this thing had to happen to humanity", why and how the concept of time came, life could have been lot simpler if there was no clock ticking!!!

Why I think that My purchasing an hour glass and then this book is connected, is because I am also so very much obsessed by this "Time" that I want to complete everything on time, be there on time, not to kill my time and so on. My life revolves around time...and may be god is telling me to slow down a bit, not be so particular about time lines, may be god is telling me to go with the flow because flow knows where to go.....

I would like all of you to think about it as well, may be slow down a bit and ponder what would happen if there was no "Time"

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guest in my Garden....Part 2

Is this Gary Langur!!!!! was my reaction when i saw something sitting on the  mulberry tree on the front gate... Yes it was a Gary Langur...I rushed inside for my camera and clicked it few times,I offered a guava which it took happily and after few bites it was thrown away...

This langur is an appointed security guard on duty to scare the Macaques in our society. The Macaques often roam around uninvited and disturb the locals, Langurs keep them away rather scare them from entering the society.

Sitting on the wall....This mulberry tree is just outside the gate.

Was more interested in the leaves, as mulberry leaves are sweet in taste.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Little things that bring Joy....

"Nothing happens until you ask", This quote is by Robin Sharma, so true, but this I experienced today, we had been to  Evok store today, it has contemporary products in home furniture, soft furnishings, bath products, modular kitchen, flooring, Lighting and Lifestyle home. They have a beautiful range of furniture, I was searching for a book shelf when I happened to see this beautiful book "Thoughts & Meditations" by Khalil Gibran , store has kept many books in display, they are not for sale, since I am an avid reader, I also see for books, and this particular book was so good and above all this was by Khalil Gibran, I couldn't stop myself and I walked up to the salesman and asked him that I want to buy this book, its price was 70 Rs and I told him that I am ready to pay 100 Rs for it, the poor guy was amazed and speechless, he told me that it was a display item and was not on sale, I told him that this book is really good and its going to a a waste as nobody will read this ever....puzzled, he told me that he will check with his manager and let me know in a while, he went away and after 2 minutes came back to me, I was thinking, his manager wouldn't have agreed, he came to me and told me that "Mam this is a gift to you from us, you need not to pay anything"....I was shocked, I mean, I actually was,I thought may be I got him wrong, but he repeated again, "Mam this is a gift to you from us", was I could say....and he smiled and said Yes, it is so...

This is how I got this book,This was a very sweet gesture that I gonna remember all my life....I mean where do you find such people?? 

Friday, March 8, 2013

They say March madness, I say March Miracle!!!

Bloom every where....Clicked pictures of the activities going on in my garden...seems as if the celestial maiden from court of the lord of heavens has whispered a couplet everywhere....and life is emerging from every seed, every branch... I thank you god, for visible miracles that you bestow on mankind, the subtle point that you make by telling us that life is an endless cycle and after every winter there will be spring to bring back life, cycle of birth-death -rebirth will continue.