Sunday, April 28, 2013

Workout day#1 :)

Good heavens!!! I have finally started my workout regimen from today and I will definitely keep it going (don't want to jinx it), I started with few stretching and warming exercises, followed by Hath yoga, and jeez, I can't tell you how sore stiff my body is :(  god I was not able to stretch my leg fully, had that bad stretching pain in my hamstrings, my neck was stiff and so were my arms, okay lets admit it , yes entire body was in pain :S booo, so I did a workout for only 30 minutes today as I want my body to be prepared and not to be dragged in all this.

I have made of the record of my vital stats and my weight, I will keep a track of it and also I am going to modify my diet a little bit, lets now finally, I want to dust my old bones a little and get set goooo!!!

I am attaching a Hath Yoga video, however there are loads of videos on You tube, but this one I found to be very informative, straightforward, and useful
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Things for god to do

There are certain things that we cannot control directly, that are beyond our reach, and sometimes its just best to leave the things the way they are and pray to god to show us the right path and to give us what is in our best interest. Well, yes, I am writing this...but to tell you the truth, I was not like this earlier, 3-4years back and then one day, I got an email from some body that I did not know, but what I read, changed my whole prespective to look at things and what I read, I am going to share with you, what I have been practicing so far.

I have a box and I have named it "THINGS FOR GOD TO DO". Whenever there is something that is beyond my control, I write that down on a piece of paper and put it in that box, and i wait, I wait as I know that god will take care of it, since I trust god and accept that it can only be done by him, and to tell you the truth, till this time whatever I have put in that box had been fullfilled, god had really taken good care of me....and whenever my wish is granted, I take that wish out of that box and replace it with a thank you note, and let it be there for some it is also very important to thank god as well.... what I read in that email, I follow...and things have changed for me....what I have learned is that, whenever you put your faith in god, he never lets you down....he is always just need to awake your true self to feel him.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lonely tonight

Tonight I am sad, so so sad, you are gone for a bussiness trip for 2 days, and I already started missing you the moment you said bye, the moment you turned away, the moment you headed towards your destination, it has been 2 years now and we have been together day and night like heart and its beat....I dont know what will I do for these 2 days while you are away!! I know I complain and I crib,I say that you are messy, that you dont listen to me, that you are lazy, and I get cloudy and thunderous too :) but I want you around, I like the mess you create, I know you listen to me, I like it when you lazly lie around, I like the food you cook for me, I like all the apps that you download for me, I like it when sometimes you read stories to me, I like it when you open the door when I return from office all exhausted and above all I like you :)

If its gonna rain....,I am gonna dance

Its thursday and I am at home not in office....yeah....why??, because I am not welll.,I have been feeling dizzy since yesterday, so I decided to take a day off....I am on my bed and from the window I can see dark clouds soaring high....its gonna rain...I hear the eager cries of a peacock, asking the clouds to pour down so that it can charm its partner..,peacocks are known for their rain dance...I also hear the sweet melody of the koel, perched on the mango tree.,,,and the faint hymns of the wabbler....all this is adding to the beauty of the already of the already created enchanting scene of the nature....and seeing this warms my heart.,,,it brings tears of joy to my eyes...I am thankful to the god beacuse my senses can sense all this alround heart is open to the miracles of nature.
And I tell you.,,,if its gonna rain....I am gonna dance and get drenched...I am gonna join the peacock, the koel, the wabbler, the clouds...,,in that moment of pure bliss.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

All is well if it ends well

Pretty hectic Sunday it was, Lot of work to do, cleaning, laundry, cooking, list is endless :) , not all was done but yes I am dead tired and I am leaving you with the glimpse of my weekend!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekend project-Rock art :)

Another activity for kids (even adults) which needs minimal supervision (for kids) and minimal resources!!! you can use both big rocks/small pebbles  whatever is easily available, this time I have used pebbles but next time I am thinking of making a painting on reasonable sized rocks. Can be used for decorative purposes, I use them as paper weights.

All you need is :

  1. Rocks/small pebbles.
  2. Pencil colors/watercolors/sketch pens.
Clean your pebbles with running water before the activity.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Baby and everything in between!!

I will try to break this gently...I love kids, yes I do. In fact when I was undergoing my Internship in Gynae-obs department, I still remember my first case, I was a part of medical team in OBS department  when we delivered a beautiful baby girl, It was my first experience, I was involved in that case for 5 hours, I was checking for baby progress every 10 minutes, listening to heartbeat, asking the lady to relax and then push harder and when I saw the baby head emerging from now where, and when with that last thrust the baby came down in my hands, I was all see the miracle in my hands...I was actually crying and my senior doctor was looking at me in amazement, those were the tears of astonishment and happiness, I felt to be a proud doctor and I jotted every single gender, time of birth, birth weight, etc in the birth certificate.

Babies are god's loveliest creations...they are pure miracle and its an amazing feeling to be a mommy but I am just too scared...oh god..yes I am...I am married for 2 years now and I know I should be planning for it but I get cold feet every time I thing about it...Am I ready?? will be a good mommy??, how will I manage??...these are the questions that keep on bothering me. I life will change entirely...and I am too scared for this big change. I don't know how to go about it and yet agian when I see a mommy with a heart just tells me...see what a beautiful bond it is...its not going to be that hard as you are thinking.  geez...I am confused...I really need to calm down I know.

I guess it will take some time to condition my mind and go for it :) in the meanwhile I am drawing ;)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My love for ice creams!!!

Well..Yes I have started this series..and I am in my senses :) Lets bee honest, haa...we all have some thing to confess, so why shy away?? .  I am being honest and I tell you that I love Ice creams, I had 2 Ice creams today back to back, yes...its true.

Although it has nothing to do with my confession but I have written a piece..which I would like to share before I forget it, it just came spontaneously :

I enjoy the sun beams
 ebbing steams and ice creams :)!!
My heart fills with joy when I see a crimson rose
and the place where it grows!!
I like the buzz of bumble bees
and sun shine filtering through tall tress!!
I love to admire the beauty of dew drops
and the way wind sweeps the golden crops!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend review !!!

Aww.. so finally my weekend is over :(  I absolutely loath Mondays....yes i don't get along with you very well, and I don't like you, do ya hear me??  don't be a cry baby...Friday will be soon around the corner, till then lets see how I spent my great great weekend.  It was hot and humid but we had an overcast on Sunday, it seemed as if it will rain cats and dogs, it seemed so, but wind blew it all away!! we went out for dinner in Bercos, saw 1 great movie!!! and then came the Sunday night with the feeling that , oh no have to go to office tomorrow !!!

 Net net...a great weekend !!!

This Buddha statue is in Bercos , Its so serene, I just feel a wave of calmness inside me every time I look at it, so this time I just clicked it!!





Sunday, April 14, 2013

Breakfast with a positive thought

Delicious breakfast made by Akash, Garlic bread with Baked beans and Yummy Khus and crushed strawberry shake!!! I must admit I am not that great at cooking food but Akash is, Its that whenever he gets an opportunity, he makes finger licking good food :) . For me cooking a boring job but for him, he says it is a science and when you make something, you should put your heart into it...jeez, what a thought...I will surely make a note of it!!! and i am looking forward to another Sunday for some yummy treat ;)

Friday, April 12, 2013

From here and there!!

Had been to Delhi Haat with mom, dad, and Akash when they had been to Delhi, I happened to click certain pictures, as always I like to capture bit of sunshine in my photographs, I clicked a lot of it!!! From past few days I had been feeling bit "glum chum"...tonight it feels better and I thought of uploading some pictures, so here they are :)

Bamboo Jewellery

Mom Busy with her Jewellery Shopping