Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Around here

 A pair of pigeons, coffee mugs, reading lately

A lot of photographs, bombardment of thoughts, and confusion in choosing which book to read, this is what is happening here lately.I keep my camera with me wherever I go , obsession or passion-clicking pictures  keeps me happy and that is good enough for me.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Shape of my ♥

My brain is buzzing with ideas....yes I mean photography is becoming a part of my life, its not just a hobby anymore, its more than that. Its the way I express myself when I find no words, and its best not to express everything in words sometimes ♡♡.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Inspirational quote #2/July 28th

When ever a tinee tiny doubt starts to crop in my mind, I remind myself, what it would end up doing to i say to Mr. Doubt"go won't be entertained".

Inspirational quote #1/ July 27th

I am starting a series"Inspire-Aim higher" where I will post my own quotes, my own brain child. Although I am not that philosophical but sometimes I do get certain thoughts that may be too obvious but that really ring a bell/strike a chord somewhere, plus I think I will really get an opportunity to use my grey matter a little  more.
I will be writing quotes on my own pictures. Lets see how this shapes out to be. Beginning with the very first quote:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

To be done

Currently on mind:

I want to complete all the levels in spanish, so that I can talk fluently with confidence. I just want to accomplish this task that I initiated, I know it takes/will take a lot of effort, patience and time but I am game for it.
Secondly I want to study Clinical Hypnosis, past life regression therapy.
To be honest, I was not much of a believer in past life and hypnosis....but an incident changed my life. I have suffered a lot due to migraine, it was a suffering for me on a daily basis, hardly a day Passed when I was not moaning with pain and popping pills, then my husband suggested that I should under go regression therapy as I persistently had a dream about head injury, where in a kid had a bad head injury and he used to wail due to pain.  I underwent just 1 session and my frequency decreased. I also saw a scene from my past life which I couldn't complete till the end as I was crying with my eyes shut and was too scared to proceed further. This was an amazing experience for me, after that very encounter I decided to learn this art.

Hopefully I will begin this course soon next month.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mystical monsoon

I read some where that water washes away the evil...ever thought why you feel refreshed when you are not keeping well and you take a bath..its because water washes away the negativity and re-energizes you. that's why I love monsoon, those tiny drops fall from heaven and enrich everything with life...its so soothing for eyes to see the beautiful scenic beauty after a heavy rain fall. everything around seems to cleansed. its raining almost daily here and I am most happy person on the earth right now.

A fav book, a cup of coffee, fav list of rain songs (yes...i especially have a long list of rain songs in my tablet) and crystal drops of all that I need :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

You know you are an Indian...

Taadaa!!!I successfully completed my level 1 in Spanish, scored 71/100 (which I am so proud of ). now I can:
Talk in spanish, just present tense currently.
I know that :"Bailamos means- lets dance
Te quiero amor mio" means, I want you my love.
Uno, dos tres-means 1, 2, 3 and
que' sera sera-means whatever will be will be.
That mean I can go to Spain and I won't be lost ;)
 and today was my 1st class in level 2.
After my class, Akash and I had been to select city, I happened to pass through this store "Chumbak" which means "magnet" (actually I got attracted to the stuff in the display window, hmmm...I think the name of the store has something to do with this). I saw the beautiful Tin and couldn't stop my self from buying one.  It has a beautiful/funny description of "how you know that you are talking to an Indian"...well some of the stuff is actually true... and ....for me, I will say "I am truly an Indian"...go figure it out yourself ;)  :P

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Dreams/essence of life

Dreams are not meant to be locked up tight inside of you, they are supposed to be let loose, set free so that they can pursue themselves...they are supposed to face the gusts of challenging winds so that they know that they have to work hard to manifest themselves. if they get locked up inside for too long, they will start to wilt and rot, and while they are dying, they are not dying alone, they will leave a huge void inside you, void that no one can fill, so let you dreams free, let them breathe, because then only they will come true.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Travelling a thousand miles...

Books have always fascinated me, I mean as you read a books that really connects with you, you somehow tend to feel that you are actually a part of the lives of the characters in the book and everything is happening in front of your eyes...well it happens to me, as the author describes the character and physical appearances, I feel as if I am actually in front of that person and having a first hand experience of the this way I travel a thousand miles...sometimes to wintry Afghanistan laden with snow,  to Niagara falls, to hot and humid arid desert, to some remote village in US, sometimes to "Road to Santiago", sometimes to the beach where sea gulls are flying high up in the sky...and so on...and at times you cry when the person in the book is crying and sometimes you laugh out loud when they are laughing...sometimes you feel the pain of separation and sometimes you moist your eyes when they re-unite...and all this happens in fraction of seconds, while we are oblivious to our own world....when the tiny wings of the books take you to an all together different time and different world. for me this is a complete bliss....and guess where I had been 5 minutes earlier???  it was Greece, in 1940's Chevrolet...  :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lunch at home...

Dal Tadka

Enjoying cooking at home,  simple yet finger licking Indian food (Dal tadka, Karela, and rice)

A day in my life#2

Its 1st of july and I see sunshine faintly making its way through dense clouds that have been hovering around me... I hope it slices through them and disperses them for a while :(

Meanwhile I got these cute slippers yesterday..they were in the display window of Hudson cafe in metro station.