Saturday, November 9, 2013

My birthday birthday is much I was anxious, it turned out to be a great one indeed....why?? Well because of many good reasons....

1) I was not that tired, I was full of energy.
2) We shopped for the whole family :D that is me, Akash and yes for the baby as well....for the first time :D we got a baby book to record all the baby memories and milestones. We both were very happy and emotional as well.

We discussed few things.....and decided to shop every month certain things for the baby...prepare ourselves so that we are all ready when it is the final lately I have sort of developed the acceptance to the fact that I am going to be a mum and should be ready to accept the change and adapt better to the changes that are gonna come my way....

Here are few shots from the day....
Credit goes to Akash :P

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thoughts on turning 30

Here it comes the day, night, the seasons...yes I am talking about my birthday, which is tomorrow (8th Nov)....but this time it's making me anxious....why?? Because it's my 30th birthday (oh my god)...I am turning 30 tomorrow.....where did all the years went by?? I have no clue....and now this figure of 30 is knocking on my door.....its no big deal you may say but wait a minute....think about it....even the characters in famous show "friends" were overwhelmed when it was Joey's 30th birthday..... there is so much to do in life...I m going to be a mom soon....I am not so sure whether what I am writing is making an sense or not but I am bit (ok a more than a bit) anxious currently..I tried to but i don't know how to express my self....

Diwali celebrations

With lights, sweets, fun and friends, we had a very special diwali this year...although Akash's mood was bit gloomy in the beginning as we couldn't go to his parents for the ocassion but by the evening he was all reved up and full of energy....we had called one of our friends for the ocassion since they were also alone, away from home....I know little about diwali puja n all but I managed to do what little I know....after all diwali is all about fun n frolic....that we all are good at :P 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I am in my 5th month now....feeling the changes in my body, it seems as if in an overnight my weight has increased, and the girth of my belly has increased too...I feel little unsteady may be beacuse of the shift of gravity....on the other backache is lot better and so is my frequent urinary urgency, now I can sleep better at night. And I am eagerly waiting for my baby to be in my arms....I can't wait for that moment :) but I guess that's what this 9 months journey tells us; to be patient and let the baby grow inside...

This picture was gifted to me by my friend, Anshul, she is a wonderful artist and its her own creation, this is the most amazing,  heart warmimg gift that I have ever recieved....everytime I glance at this pic, I moist my eyes.....Thanks Anshul for this beautiful drawing.... I am going to frame this one :D

Friday, November 1, 2013

DIY Paper flowers + Introspection

Today I am not feeling my best self, I was in my bed till 11.00 AM clinging on to the quilt and not ready to get up. I was thinking about stuff, about my life ahead, about the baby, how my life will be. I was also thinking about the future of my i am not posting every day...right now I am not too busy but with each advancing day I am getting tired, I feel lethargic, its still the 4th month only...what will happen to me in coming months and once the baby is final my arms.... how will I manage routine. I will be on my toes all the time.... I will be busy in the world of diapers, burps, sleepless nights...I know a baby smile is the priceless thing  in the world... May be I am too paranoid at the moment....or its state of my mind while I am blogging, I don't all will be clear in coming months....

However after so much pondering and brain jostling, I managed to drag myself out of bed...I made few DIY paper flowers...I also tried doily paper to make some flowers...though they look plain,Ii think it will be better idea to color the doily paper first and then make flowers. There is a lot to be done as Diwali is just around the corner....we also got a beautiful brass lamp as today was Dhanteras, and its good to buy gold or utensils on this brings good luck and was titillating to go out as the market was dazzling with chandeliers, elegant light fixtures,contemporary to ultra chic gift ideas, rangoli color,  flowers and was a refreshing site.